Week 16 in One Word: Cast

January 29, 2023 Week 16 for the Montreal Canadiens featured three games. On Tuesday the Boston Bruins were in town and the result was a 4-2 loss. On Thursday, the Habs took the visiting Detroit Red Wings to overtime, but the result was a 4-3 loss. The Saturday night game was the first of aContinue reading “Week 16 in One Word: Cast”

Week 15 in One Word: Culture

January 22, 2023 The 15th week of action in the 2022-23 NHL season had three home games on tap for the Montreal Canadiens. On Tuesday, the Winnipeg Jets were in town and the Habs surprised them with a 4-1 dominant win. The Florida Panthers visited on Thursday accompanied by some poor officiating and the HabsContinue reading “Week 15 in One Word: Culture”

Week 14 in One Word: Rectify

January 16, 2023 The 14th week of action for the Montreal Canadiens featured four games. On Monday night the Seattle Kraken were in town and the result was a 4-0 loss. The Habs turned it around on Thursday, with a 4-3 win over the Nashville Predators. They headed to New York for the weekend –Continue reading “Week 14 in One Word: Rectify”

Week 13 in One Word: Jolt

January 8, 2023 The first week of 2023 featured three games for the Montreal Canadiens. The Habs finished an arduous road trip on Tuesday in Nashville and the losing skid from 2022 continued, dropping this one 6-3. On Thursday, they were back at home to welcome the New York Rangers, but the 4-1 result wasContinue reading “Week 13 in One Word: Jolt”

The Habs can win the middle and win the game

January 12, 2023 Volumes have been written about the perfect formula to build a winning team in the NHL. Former Habs GM Marc Bergevin had a philosophy of building from the net out, a model we watched ebb and flow over a decade. Hockey analyst Pierre McGuire has a “7 player profile” that he hasContinue reading “The Habs can win the middle and win the game”

Forecasting the Next Window of Change for the Habs

January 4, 2023 The Montreal Canadiens are preparing for their fourth window of change under HuGo. The November 2021 hire of Jeff Gorton as the Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations, followed by the hires of Kent Hughes as General Manager in January and Martin St. Louis as Coach in February, signaled that Habs ownershipContinue reading “Forecasting the Next Window of Change for the Habs”

Week 12 in One Word: Cheer

January 1, 2023 After a brief Christmas vacation, the Montreal Canadiens were back on the road for three games to finish 2022. On Wednesday they were in Tampa Bay and were dominated by the Lightning in a 4-1 loss. The road trip continued in Sunrise, Florida where they met the Panthers and the result wasContinue reading “Week 12 in One Word: Cheer”

Week 11 in One Word: Break

December 24, 2022 The eleventh week of action took the Habs up to the Christmas break, but they had to get three road games out of the way first. Since there is nothing like a desert to get you in a festive mood, on Monday, they visited the Arizona Coyotes and the result was aContinue reading “Week 11 in One Word: Break”

Week 10 in One Word: Answer

December 17, 2022 Four games were on tap for the Montreal Canadiens in the 10th week of the 2022-23 season. On Monday night they welcomed the Calgary Flames and the result was a 2-1 shootout win. The Habs made a quick trip to Ottawa on Wednesday night, and a lack of discipline led to aContinue reading “Week 10 in One Word: Answer”

Week 9 in One Word: Pivot

December 10, 2022 Week 9 featured three games for the Montreal Canadiens, the first two a continuation of their West Coast road trip. On Monday night in Vancouver, the Habs blew a four goal lead and lost 7-6 in overtime. A tired and shorthanded team faced the Seattle Kraken on Tuesday night, but managed aContinue reading “Week 9 in One Word: Pivot”