Week 16 in One Word: Cast

January 29, 2023 Week 16 for the Montreal Canadiens featured three games. On Tuesday the Boston Bruins were in town and the result was a 4-2 loss. On Thursday, the Habs took the visiting Detroit Red Wings to overtime, but the result was a 4-3 loss. The Saturday night game was the first of aContinue reading “Week 16 in One Word: Cast”

Week 15 in One Word: Culture

January 22, 2023 The 15th week of action in the 2022-23 NHL season had three home games on tap for the Montreal Canadiens. On Tuesday, the Winnipeg Jets were in town and the Habs surprised them with a 4-1 dominant win. The Florida Panthers visited on Thursday accompanied by some poor officiating and the HabsContinue reading “Week 15 in One Word: Culture”

Week 14 in One Word: Rectify

January 16, 2023 The 14th week of action for the Montreal Canadiens featured four games. On Monday night the Seattle Kraken were in town and the result was a 4-0 loss. The Habs turned it around on Thursday, with a 4-3 win over the Nashville Predators. They headed to New York for the weekend –Continue reading “Week 14 in One Word: Rectify”

Week 9 in One Word: Pivot

December 10, 2022 Week 9 featured three games for the Montreal Canadiens, the first two a continuation of their West Coast road trip. On Monday night in Vancouver, the Habs blew a four goal lead and lost 7-6 in overtime. A tired and shorthanded team faced the Seattle Kraken on Tuesday night, but managed aContinue reading “Week 9 in One Word: Pivot”

Week 8 in One Word: Ice

December 4, 2022 In week 8, the Montreal Canadiens had one game at home before heading out on a four-game west coast trip. On Tuesday night, the Habs welcomed the San Jose Sharks and were unable to cash in on multiple chances in a 4-0 loss. In Calgary on Thursday night, the shorthanded Habs stoleContinue reading “Week 8 in One Word: Ice”

The Habs have options where Sean Monahan is concerned

December 3, 2022 With Christmas approaching, Habs fans have their eyes on the gift that keeps on giving – Sean Monahan. Monahan was acquired from the Calgary Flames in a deal that has been lauded as a stroke of genius by GM Kent Hughes. The Flames were desperate to sign free agent Nazem Kadri andContinue reading “The Habs have options where Sean Monahan is concerned”

November’s Mug of the Month

December 1, 2022 November is past and the Montreal Canadiens have a record of 11-10-1, an outcome that no one anticipated when the season began. This success has been possible, in part, due to the performance of Kirby Dach. Dach was acquired on the 2022 draft floor, blowing the minds of fans in attendance. TheContinue reading “November’s Mug of the Month”

Habs Trades that Live in the Tension between Present and Future

November 19, 2022 With American Thanksgiving approaching, and the Montreal Canadiens performing well above expectations, some fans and pundits have been asking whether the Habs will be buyers or sellers when the trade deadline approaches. That’s the wrong question. The question we should all be considering is what trades are possible for the Canadiens thatContinue reading “Habs Trades that Live in the Tension between Present and Future”

The Parable of Alexander Romanov

November 3, 2022 There was a certain hockey team of rich history, whose exploits were known near and far. But their success led to them resting on the laurels of past deeds and whilst they looked back, their grip on the present was lost. The team became a sour taste in the mouths of theirContinue reading “The Parable of Alexander Romanov”

Defining Development in a Rebuild

October 8, 2022 The Montreal Canadiens are set to play their last preseason game tonight in Bouctouche, New Brunswick. That means they will, very shortly, be forced to trim their roster to the one that will play on opening night. They have yet to win one preseason game and, if you don’t understand that thisContinue reading Defining Development in a Rebuild