September’s Mug of the Month  

October 1, 2022

September has ended and the Habs are smack dab in the middle of training camp and preseason. Nick Suzuki has not yet played in one preseason game, but for me he is still indisputably the mug of the month.

On September 12th at the annual golf tournament Suzuki was named the 31st captain of the Montreal Canadiens. Having turned just 23 in August, he became the youngest played to be named captain in franchise history.

The decision had become so obvious that by the time it was announced it came as a surprise to no one. Nonetheless, it was the right choice. A good decision. Nick Suzuki is the Captain of the Montreal Canadiens, and he’s also my choice for September’s mug of the month.

Published by Lori Bennett

Hockey is my hobby. I love a respectful hockey chat or debate, but it stops being fun if we're jerks.

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