Potential Destinations for the Habs Bigger Contracts

February 24, 2023

This is the third in a series of articles looking at some potential destinations for current players on the Montreal Canadiens with the NHL trade deadline approaching. In the first article I looked at the pending unrestricted free agents. Then I looked at some rental upgrades and where they might wind up. In this article I’m considering a few of the bigger contracts the Habs own that might be available for the right price.

There are four players in this category that I believe might be available for the right price. The part that is highly questionable is whether anyone would offer that price.

Josh Anderson

Let’s get him out of the way early since he’s the talk of the town. According to the insiders, lots of GMs want him, Kent Hughes is inclined to keep him for the rebuild unless he is blown away, and perhaps Hughes is holding him in case he needs to be part of the Dubois deal. You know the theories that are out there where Anderson is concerned. I’ll be surprised if he is moved at the deadline, but nonetheless…

This deal is counting on New Jersey missing out on Timo Meier and being committed to adding someone to their forward group. After watching them against the Habs this week, it was easy to see a fit for Anderson. The Habs would love to get one of Jersey’s right-handed defenders in return, but Holtz is a more realistic ask. Honestly, I’m not sure that return is enough to force Hughes’ hand. Maybe if that 2nd becomes a 1st it’s too good to refuse, but then it’s probably also too good to be true.

And then there is this…

I don’t know if this package is enough to entice Kevin Cheveldayoff to move PLD, but this one is a summer trade and that makes so much more sense to me.

Christian Dvorak

The Montreal Canadiens expected to be dealing a centre at this trade deadline, but their sights weren’t focused on Dvorak. As we drift closer to the trade deadline, and questions continue to circle around Sean Monahan’s health, a little creativity might be required. With the emergence of Kirby Dach the top six is less tenuous. If the Habs are considering a trade for Dubois in the off-season, or if they decide to kick the Monahan can down the road and sign him for another year, does Dvorak become expendable?

This might be the most bizarre deal in this group, but according to the insiders the Sens still think they’re in it and, in addition to looking for a veteran defender, they would like to add a veteran centre. Dvorak is that veteran who is also under contract. In return, the Habs get a couple of young players that can grow into their line-up.

David Savard

At the beginning of the season I predicted that Joel Edmundson would be traded at the deadline for a first round pick. His back has other ideas, apparently. This proposal makes David Savard available in his place.

The Oilers get their veteran D and he’s not a rental. In return the Habs take the first rounder and the salary dump.

Jake Allen

You may be surprised to see this one on the list, but I would regard two additional years beyond this one at a cap hit of $3.85M for a back-up goaltender as a big contract. Yes, Allen is a 1B for now, but Sam Montembeault has earned a bigger role than anticipated. In the meanwhile, this season’s cap hit is quite digestible for an acquiring team.

In this deal, the Kings get net support for the playoffs, while also offloading a giant contract that will give them cap space to add another piece. The price they pay is Helge Grans, a big and mobile right-handed defenseman.

With just a week to the trade deadline, the Habs will have to get extremely creative for this window of change to be as effective as they hoped. Moving a big contract might be part of that creativity if they can find a dance partner.

Published by Lori Bennett

Hockey is my hobby. I love a respectful hockey chat or debate, but it stops being fun if we're jerks.

4 thoughts on “Potential Destinations for the Habs Bigger Contracts

  1. I like all of your thoughts here. Luck and creativity will be my watchwords for Hughes and the Habs for both the trade deadline and the draft. 



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