Week 24 in One Word: Commit

March 26, 2023

The 24th week of action for the Montreal Canadiens featured three games. On Tuesday the Habs greeted the Tampa Bay Lightning and claimed a 3-2 win. They headed to Boston for a Thursday game that ended in a 4-2 loss. Then on Saturday the Canadiens dominated the Columbus in an 8-2 home win.

Kent Hughes looks like a genius for making a 4-year commitment to Kirby Dach.

I confess I was a little worried that the injury would throw him off, but a goal on Tuesday and a goal and an assist on Thursday have us all wondering just how high Dach’s ceiling might be. Hard to imagine now that there were some who thought Hughes had committed too much for too long.

Rafael Harvey-Pinard is making it really tough for the Habs not to commit a roster spot to him next season.

Every team needs some players who can play on any line and bring the same level of commitment every night. That’s RHP. A hat trick on home ice on a Saturday night is special. But knowing the same player will work just as hard on the fourth line tomorrow is priceless.

Over the next few months the Habs will add more assets, several of which will be more obvious NHLers than Harvey-Pinard. They also have a group of veterans that won’t be easy to move. Hughes will have some difficult decisions to make. Keeping RHP around isn’t one of them.

On Sunday the Montreal Canadiens and Sean Farrell committed to each other.

With his college season over, it didn’t take long for the two parties to get sorted and fans won’t wait much longer to see Farrell in action. He’ll join the team on their road trip.

It’s a brief period of assessment for HuGo. Will Farrell make a smooth transition to the NHL or need some development time in Laval? According to Jordan Harris, who made that transition himself, if anyone can make the adjustment Farrell can.

So there is another kid forcing his way onto the roster. Another place held by a veteran that Hughes will have to sort out. Another small and skilled player that the Habs have committed to, and something will have to give in the not to distant future.

It takes a special level of commitment to be a hockey fan and live abroad.

I’m currently in Hawaii and games have been starting early afternoon. On Saturday I watched Boston and Tampa Bay over breakfast in a sports bar. Watching recorded games at the end of the day takes a committed fan. I’ve caught bits and pieces late at night and early morning. For those who do this regularly, my hat’s off to you.

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