Did the Cup Run Hurt the Habs?

Segue Issue 21-05 December 3, 2021 Wednesday’s segment with Gord Miller on TSN690’s Melnick in the Afternoon show got me thinking. As you might expect, the conversation revolved around the recent events in Montreal with the change in leadership, and the steps to reshape the organization moving forward. Miller stated that someone had said toContinue reading Did the Cup Run Hurt the Habs?

Week 6 in One Word: Obvious

November 22, 2021 obvious /ˈäbvēəs/ easily perceived or understood; clear, self-evident, or apparent. Similar: clear, plain to see, evident, apparent, striking, noticeable, perceivable, unmistakable predictable and lacking in subtlety. Week 6 for the Montreal Canadiens featured three games. On Tuesday, the Habs put out a decent effort in Manhattan, but still lost 3-2 to theContinue reading Week 6 in One Word: Obvious