Week 21 in One Word: Return

March 6, 2023 The 21st week of action for the Montreal Canadiens featured four games. On Tuesday night, Kaiden Guhle scored in his first game back from injury in a 3-1 win over the San Jose Sharks. With the trade deadline looming, Joel Edmundson returned to action against the Los Angeles Kings and the resultContinue reading “Week 21 in One Word: Return”

Five Habs Predictions for 2022-23

October 12, 2022 The Montreal Canadiens are set to play their season opener tonight at home against the Toronto Maple Leafs. We find ourselves in a unique place as Habs fans – knowing this team will likely pile up a lot of losses and strangely looking forward to it. It’s finally time for the CanadiensContinue reading “Five Habs Predictions for 2022-23”

Predicting the Habs Draft Window

Segue Issue 22-09 June 20, 2022 With the NHL Draft just over two weeks away, there is much chatter amongst fans and pundits about what the Habs might do. On June 16th, GM Kent Hughes opened the draft window when he traded the contract of Shea Weber to the Vegas Golden Knights for Evgenii Dadanov.Continue reading Predicting the Habs Draft Window

Five Fantasies to Fix the Habs – The Drouin Fantasy

Segue Issue 22-05 February 9, 2022 I’m a few articles deep in a series called Five Fantasies to Fix the Habs. In the first three fantasies I covered Ben Chiarot, Artturi Lehkonen and Brendan Gallagher. Then news broke that Jeff Petry was on the market and I inserted an unexpected fantasy. Those articles (and manyContinue reading Five Fantasies to Fix the Habs – The Drouin Fantasy

Is Jonathan Drouin or David Savard the Next Captain?

Eggs Bennett Issue 21-12 December 15, 2021 This is the fifth installment of my series exploring who should be the next captain of the Montreal Canadiens. So far I’ve considered Gallagher, Byron, Petry, Toffoli and Edmundson, and you can access those articles and others at https://habather.wordpress.com/ Let’s turn our attention to two more options –Continue reading Is Jonathan Drouin or David Savard the Next Captain?

Week 1 in One Word: Tardy

October 17, 2021 tar·dy /ˈtärdē/ delaying or delayed beyond the right or expected time; late. Similar: late, unpunctual, behind time, behind schedule, delayed, slow slow in action or response; sluggish. The Montreal Canadiens have entered Week 1 of the 2021-22 season into the history books. The week featured two road games – in Toronto onContinue reading Week 1 in One Word: Tardy

Extra Pieces in the Habs Puzzle

Eggs Bennett Issue 21-04 September 15, 2021 You know we’ve reached the “grossly under-stimulated phase” of the NHL off-season when Alex Galchenyuk to the Habs is circulating in the rumour mill. But that’s where we find ourselves, and there isn’t enough Voltaren in the Jean Coutu Warehouse to make that pain go away. I couldContinue reading Extra Pieces in the Habs Puzzle