Predicting the Habs Draft Window

Segue Issue 22-09 June 20, 2022 With the NHL Draft just over two weeks away, there is much chatter amongst fans and pundits about what the Habs might do. On June 16th, GM Kent Hughes opened the draft window when he traded the contract of Shea Weber to the Vegas Golden Knights for Evgenii Dadanov.Continue reading Predicting the Habs Draft Window

Killer Contracts: Shea Weber

Eggs Bennett 22-02 April 15, 2022 It’s a strange time in Habsland. Since the installation of the management duo of Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton (HuGo), there is little to complain about. Some good hires, a successful trade deadline and vastly improved public relations make it a pleasant time to be a fan. As theContinue reading Killer Contracts: Shea Weber

Is Nick Suzuki the Next Captain?

Eggs Bennett Issue 21-13 December 31, 2021 This is the sixth installment of my series exploring who should be the next captain of the Montreal Canadiens. So far I’ve considered Gallagher, Byron, Petry, Toffoli, Edmundson, Drouin and Savard, and you can access those articles and others at I’m ready to focus on a guyContinue reading Is Nick Suzuki the Next Captain?

Is Brendan Gallagher the Next Captain?

Eggs Bennett Issue 21-08 October 27, 2021 The Montreal Canadiens are on their West Coast trip, with their first game on Tuesday in Seattle against the Kraken. On Monday, news broke that Shea Weber would be joining the team for a couple of days. Weber has been recovering from surgery at his home in KelownaContinue reading Is Brendan Gallagher the Next Captain?

Week 1 in One Word: Tardy

October 17, 2021 tar·dy /ˈtärdē/ delaying or delayed beyond the right or expected time; late. Similar: late, unpunctual, behind time, behind schedule, delayed, slow slow in action or response; sluggish. The Montreal Canadiens have entered Week 1 of the 2021-22 season into the history books. The week featured two road games – in Toronto onContinue reading Week 1 in One Word: Tardy

The Man Mountain Has Made an Exit

Eggs Bennett Issue 21-03 September 10, 2021 Is it me, or has this off-season been a complete shit show for the Habs? An offer sheet, free agent departures, entry draft disappointments and expansion draft drama – being a Habs fan this summer was not for the faint of heart. If the off-season was a shitContinue reading The Man Mountain Has Made an Exit