The Caufield deal is a message

June 5, 2023 The Montreal Canadiens picked early Monday morning to announce they had come to terms on a new contract with their sniper, signing Cole Caufield to an eight-year contract extension worth $62.8M and an annual average value (AAV) of $7.85M. This new deal is a message… or maybe a few messages. You canContinue reading “The Caufield deal is a message”

Revelations from the Habs Locker Cleanout Day

April 16, 2023 On Friday, the Montreal Canadiens cleaned out their lockers to conclude the 2022-23 season. Management and players met with the media, and teased us with a few revelations. Here are some things I found most noteworthy. HuGo knows the injury situation is not okay. Man-games lost to injury was a focal pointContinue reading “Revelations from the Habs Locker Cleanout Day”

Week 25 in One Word: Atmosphere

April 3, 2023 There were four games on tap for the Montreal Canadiens in their 25th week of action. On Monday night they were in Buffalo and Michael Pezzetta was the shootout hero in a 4-3 win. They were off to Philadelphia for a Tuesday night game that ended in a 3-2 loss. On ThursdayContinue reading “Week 25 in One Word: Atmosphere”

Week 20 in One Word: Switch

February 26, 2023 The Montreal Canadiens had three games on the docket for the 20th week of action in the 2022-23 season. On Tuesday night they were in New Jersey to face the Devils and pulled off a 5-2 upset. In Philadelphia on Friday night they met a team that looked a lot like theyContinue reading “Week 20 in One Word: Switch”

Should the Habs try to pull off another Petry-type deal?

Eggs Bennett 22-20 August 12, 2022 The Montreal Canadiens have a cap issue. As Kent Hughes once stated so poignantly, last season they were at the bottom of the league while being at the top of the Capfriendly website. That was the story, thanks to the hefty contracts Marc Bergevin left behind while doing nothingContinue reading “Should the Habs try to pull off another Petry-type deal?”

In Robidas the Habs favour development over seniority

Segue Issue 22-11 August 2, 2022 On July 28th the Montreal Canadiens announced they had hired Stephane Robidas as Assistant Coach to Martin St. Louis. Robidas is a retired NHL player with 15 NHL seasons under his belt, including his first three in Montreal. After his playing career, Robidas worked in the front office ofContinue reading In Robidas the Habs favour development over seniority

Predicting the Habs Trade Deadline

Segue Issue 22-08 March 7, 2022 With the NHL trade deadline just over two weeks away, there is much chatter amongst fans and pundits about what the Habs might do. On Thursday night (March 3rd) I recorded a podcast with Jared Book from Habs Eyes on the Prize and we each tried to take aContinue reading Predicting the Habs Trade Deadline

Week 18 in One Word: Riddle

March 7, 2022 riddle /ˈridl/ something that is confusing, or a problem that is difficult to solve Similar: puzzle, conundrum, question, mystery, stumper to make a lot of holes in something The 18th week of action for the Montreal Canadiens featured three games. Tuesday’s game in Winnipeg was an up and down affair and aContinue reading Week 18 in One Word: Riddle

Cap-Clearing Moves to Help the Habs

Segue Issue 22-07 February 25, 2022 On Wednesday, the Montreal Canadiens announced the promotion of John Sedgwick to Assistant General Manager. Sedgwick has been with the Canadiens since 2013, most recently as vice president of hockey operations and legal affairs. He’s been involved in contract negotiations and navigating the collective bargaining agreement, but we primarilyContinue reading Cap-Clearing Moves to Help the Habs

Week 14 in One Word: Closer

January 31, 2022 closer /klōs·r/ very near to (being or doing something) Similar: nearer, approaching, not far from, on the verge of a person who is skilled at bringing a business transaction to a satisfactory conclusion Week 14 had four games in store for the Montreal Canadiens. On Monday night they were absolutely pummeled inContinue reading Week 14 in One Word: Closer