Predicting the Habs Trade Deadline

March 1, 2023 We’re in the final days leading up to the NHL trade deadline, and business has been absolutely crazy. The Montreal Canadiens are confirmed sellers, but the market may not be as friendly as hoped between injured players and lackluster performances from some of those guys available for trade. Kent Hughes has alreadyContinue reading “Predicting the Habs Trade Deadline”

Week 20 in One Word: Switch

February 26, 2023 The Montreal Canadiens had three games on the docket for the 20th week of action in the 2022-23 season. On Tuesday night they were in New Jersey to face the Devils and pulled off a 5-2 upset. In Philadelphia on Friday night they met a team that looked a lot like theyContinue reading “Week 20 in One Word: Switch”

Potential Destinations for the Habs Pending Unrestricted Free Agents

February 2, 2023 The NHL trade deadline is now just four weeks away and, with the recent trade of Bo Horvat, it appears the market is starting to heat up. So far this season, there have been minimal transactions as a significant number of teams are grappling with the salary cap. Nonetheless, as the deadlineContinue reading “Potential Destinations for the Habs Pending Unrestricted Free Agents”

Forecasting the Next Window of Change for the Habs

January 4, 2023 The Montreal Canadiens are preparing for their fourth window of change under HuGo. The November 2021 hire of Jeff Gorton as the Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations, followed by the hires of Kent Hughes as General Manager in January and Martin St. Louis as Coach in February, signaled that Habs ownershipContinue reading “Forecasting the Next Window of Change for the Habs”

 Five Fantasies to Fix the Habs – The Chiarot Fantasy

Segue Issue 22-01 January 10, 2022 As we approach the trade deadline, the discussion around the Montreal Canadiens is about who will be moved and what will be the return. I’m joining that discussion with a new series I’m calling Five Fantasies to Fix the Habs. We’ll look at one fantasy at a time. I’mContinue reading  Five Fantasies to Fix the Habs – The Chiarot Fantasy