Choosing a Path for Mattias Norlinder

Segue Issue 21-01 September 20, 2021 Trying something new here that I’m calling Segue. In music or storytelling, a segue is an uninterrupted transition from one piece of music or scene to another. Like many of you, I read a ton of Habs material. Sometimes one point from an article grabs my attention, and inContinue reading Choosing a Path for Mattias Norlinder

Extra Pieces in the Habs Puzzle

Eggs Bennett Issue 21-04 September 15, 2021 You know we’ve reached the “grossly under-stimulated phase” of the NHL off-season when Alex Galchenyuk to the Habs is circulating in the rumour mill. But that’s where we find ourselves, and there isn’t enough Voltaren in the Jean Coutu Warehouse to make that pain go away. I couldContinue reading Extra Pieces in the Habs Puzzle

The Man Mountain Has Made an Exit

Eggs Bennett Issue 21-03 September 10, 2021 Is it me, or has this off-season been a complete shit show for the Habs? An offer sheet, free agent departures, entry draft disappointments and expansion draft drama – being a Habs fan this summer was not for the faint of heart. If the off-season was a shitContinue reading The Man Mountain Has Made an Exit

Hurricanes Hit Montreal

Eggs Bennett Issue 21-02 August 30, 2021 The Montreal Canadiens find themselves dead centre in the eye of a hurricane just weeks before the opening of training camp. On Saturday afternoon, the Carolina Hurricanes announced they had signed Jesperi Kotkaniemi to a one year, $6.1M offer sheet. We should not be shocked, on three fronts.Continue reading “Hurricanes Hit Montreal”

Surviving the End of the Danault Line

Eggs Bennett Issue 21-01 August 28, 2021 Can the Habs survive the end of the Danault line? This is one of the most pressing storylines for fans and pundits with Tomas Tatar and Phillip Danault having departed in free agency. But is the situation as dire as it might appear? How did we get here?Continue reading Surviving the End of the Danault Line